How To Impress A Girl By Texting In Few Minutes

how to impress a girl by texting

There are many people who want to impress girls but they are not able to do it because they cannot meet more girls but they can talk on text but they do not know how to impress a girl by texting.

There are also many boys who know how to impress a girl by texting and they are able to impress any girl very easily but you do not know how to impress a girl on text. This page is for you, in this article we show how to impress a girl in text and also how to talk to a girl.

Before impressing on the text, you should have a full control on your mind that what you are writing is why girls like whee boys who talk well and if they do all the things, then I will tell you how to impress a girl by text.

How To Impress A Girl By Texting

how to impress a girl by texting

If you want to impress a girl, then first of all, you have to keep talking about that you always have to talk to the girls because they like boys who talk to them very much, there are so many ways you can talk to the prospect.

  • Do not text too much. There are many such boys, they keep texting constantly and girl,Girls don’t like they feel weird, but you do not text much, increase the talk by doing slowly.
  • If you want a girl, then you wish you a good morning every morning and you will do it everyday. It makes the girl feel like a good boy who always wishes me first, your respect increases in front of the girl.
  • If you want to impress you, do not irritate the girl, why do girls dislike the boys who irritate them, if the girl talks later while talking, then you should also say that you talk to yourself later and completely Speak with respect, girls like these boys very much.
  • Girls like boys the most, who wish them good night every night, if you want to impress a girl, then you will sleep every night by wishing.
  • Girls like boys the most, who always praise them, if you want to impress you, then you praise every day, your respect to the girl will increase even more.
  • If you want to impress the girl, then you ask the movement of their housemates and make them feel that you are taking care of them and their family, then why do girls like them so much that you are taking care of them.
  • If you want to impress, then you should take care of them because girls like it very much, boys and girls like this, they get impressed very quickly.

How to impress a girl by words

how to impress

If you want to impress any girl, then you should speak your words very carefully because the words are very important because we judge the words, girl, there are many people who do not control the word. Keep those who speak happy and do not even think happy, you should control your words very much.And i teach you how to impress a girl on text.

  • You just say the word which girl loves and she does the most.
  • Say such small words to the girls, which the girls like very much like eyes are very good.
  • Appreciate the small words which I tell you to use, use the word most.
  • And you see your handwriting the most girl handwriting very quickly, if your handwriting is good, then she will be more impressed.

how to impress a girl by texting in whatsapp

The best way to impress a girl is to talk on WhatsApp, WhatsApp offers so many ways, you use and use emojis in it because girls love emoji very much, you use emoji in every word. Too and they will like it and she does this writing a lot, there are too many boys who use emoji to make their girls feel boring and your image works, she thinks that you are too boring so use emoji more.

If you want to impress the girl in a few seconds, then you send them funny images, if she laughs then your respect will increase and your value will be different from them all.

If you think that you will become a Girlfriennd in a single day, then it will not be possible, first you have to impress them and you will have to do a lot of respect, if you do, then you will definitely be able to make them girlfriends.

 8 Tips how to impress a girl by text


  • Keep Positive- Always chat in positive think.
  • Don’t flirt all time- Don’t always flirt it makes girls irritating.
  • Starting with small text.
  • send messages small and short.
  • Always praise the girl.
  • always text with emojis because girls most like boys who use emojis.
  • don’t text overload.
  • Do not feel irritating to girl.
  • Praise girl for fitness

Make her smile

If you want to impress a girl, then you always send the girls to whom you talk to and laugh with them, it will mean that the girl will laugh and like to talk to you more. If you start talking more then you will also be very happy and you And morale will come and you can impress more quickly so keep girls laughing forever.

Respect every girl

respect every girls

The girl only talks to those boys who respect them, if you do not respect any girl, then the girl will not like you and your honor will fall and if you want the girl to like you, then you are the first to respect them. Do it and secondly, you should take care of those boys who care for the girls, then the girls are very good, the boys who respect every girl, they like the boys very much. The same girl loves to do so much and when you do not feel like because when there is no mind then we will talk inversely and you will always be positive. If you are positive, then you will write positive and always think positive because Will think the same will remember all these things.



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